We’ve had some delicious new products arrive. Curious to try some of the products? we have FREE tastings on selected products. We have a range of Bounce Energy Balls, coconut macadamia, peanut, almond spirulina, almond kale, cashew peanut, beetroot cashew and almond. Each ball is full of protein and goodness!.

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE or £1.89 for each energy ball. (vegan friendly)

Mrs Crimble’s mixes, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE or £1.99 each. A range of pancake & batter mix, pastry mix, ready to use breadcumbs and sage and onion stuffing mix. (gluten free vegetarian friendly)


Free Tasting

Our Dartford store currently has a free tasting on the tasty quince, lemon and guarana caffeine juice by acao. (vegan friendly)